Romancing Luzon: Finding Courage in La Union

Until now, I still can’t believe how easily I said “Yes” to my friend when she asked me to go with her to San Juan, La Union. It was a night before the trip when she messaged me in Facebook. I didn’t have plans then because I had to wait until April for my next long vacation.  But we were given a 2-day vacation by our Boss, so I had to take the opportunity to go on a trip with a friend – which I don’t usually do by the way because as you know, I am most likely to travel solo.

So here’s how the 3 days and 2 nights trip went:


We arrived very early for everything. We left at 10PM in Pasay and arrived in Urbiztondo, San Juan at 4AM when there are a few hotels open and almost no one to ask for direction. We found Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel but they don’t open until 7AM. Good thing their Kitchen Bar is just an open space facing the beach. So we’ve decided to catch a nap under the starry early morning skies and chilly air.


We had brunch at the Kitchen Bar after checking in and having a little rest and decided to walk around Urbiztondo the whole day. The main transportation in this part of San Juan is tricycle. The jeepneys rarely pass despite the fact that the resorts are just located along the hi-way. But walking here is not a problem, everything else is walking distance.

We capped the day with a bottle of beer and a glass of Stay! (a darn good cocktail).

DAY 2: Euphoria Part 1 (Day Tour + Trekking and Cliff Jumping)

We met our tour guide the night before when we went to San Fernando to buy something for Pau’s phone. Most tricycle drivers here are also tour guides. Just be careful about unregistered ones. You’ll know if the tour guide is registered/legal with the IDs they wear all the time, so getting one is not difficult. One good thing about Kuya Rey (our tour guide) is that he has a lot of stories and he’s very nice. Also, he’s perfect to hold the camera to take lots of pictures of you.

Day Tour Itinerary (in random order):

Our Lady of Namacpacan Church
Bahay Na Bato Art Museum
The Pebble Beach
The Lighthouse
Ma Cho Temple
Thunderbird Resort
Poro Port Baywalk
Trekking to Tangadan Falls and Cliff Jumping

Kuya Rey / +63918 722 0468

We started the dry activities and ended it with a cliff jumping in Tangadan Falls. It was a perfect day to enjoy these places because it was a weekday. Usually, these places are crowded during the weekends. The over an hour trek to Tangadan Falls was really nice because the air is refreshing. But don not underestimate the 2.5KM trek because it was also tiring. “Pa-bebe’s” will not survive in this trek – I’m just saying! 😉

I wasn’t planning to cliff jump because I have a fear for deep dark waters. But Pau made it look easy and fun by jumping off from the 20ft high cliff, so I’ve decided to give it a try and jump from the 10ft cliff. And yeah, it was scary but it felt good!



We capped the day at the beach back in the hostel to enjoy the magical sunset and met our friend, Kahra and her friends for a night at the beach and a beer in FJ’s Kitchen Bar.

DAY 3: Euphoria Part II (Surf Up)

One of the best moments and the best activity to enjoy the Surf Town is to Surf, of course! An hour of Surfing class costs P450. And if you think an hour is not enough for you to get body pains, well, you’re wrong! I couldn’t even bend my body after the activity! But I can assure you, you’ll have so much fun surfing and you’ll find yourself asking for more waves to ride despite of the body pains! Hahaha!

Check out the part 2 of this post to learn more about our activities.



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