Here’s the Truth: My standard is high but I won’t lower it for temporary Romance

Seven years later, I’ve realized that true love does not need to be chased because true love is something that will find you.

Maybe my standard is too high, too fictitious… Maybe I read too many books, see too many movies and believe in too many fairy tails. Or maybe I am just too idealistic; being too confident that one day a man who only exists in my dreams will someday become real. Maybe I am too independent,too smart, too bold, too eccentric, too much (or less) of everything that not a single man I’ve ever encountered had the courage to approach me and asked me to a dinner.

Maybe I am too focused on my goals, my dreams that seemed to change every now and then. Maybe I’m too self-centered that I cannot see anyone or anything else around me.

Maybe I should go out more often or learn how to converse like most people do. Maybe I should visit more places- travel as often as I can. Or maybe, just maybe I should stop wondering and start living what life has offered me.

If the universe has plotted me a good destiny with a man, then good. If not, that would not be bad, right? If in twenty six years later I’m still single, I sure am a happy woman who has lived her life to the fullest of the fullest: realized all her dreams, learned more about the language of the universe, met a lot of people, have been to all the different parts of the world, swam all the waters of the Earth. Has become a mermaid, a princess, a goddess…. became everything that she liked and wanted. For twenty six years later, I am still the same woman: young, wild and free; regardless if there’s a man beside or no one else but my family and friends.



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