Beauty & Style

Behind The Blog by Kryz Uy

She’s one of the most stylish girls I follow. She’s the main reason I moved my blog to WordPress and started (probably) making sense on my posts. Reading and discovering what kind of person she is behind the stylish clothes and the heart-worthy blog made me realize that everyone else struggled the same struggles I have and had.

Okay, I maybe didn’t get 8/8 or 5/8 on the Kryz Quiz because I have to admit that I don’t regularly visit her blog. But her site is a go-to when I need ideas on what to wear for special occasions or when I’m simply having the so-called writer’s block.

Behind The Blog is a must read. I might have stopped playing Miss Dress Up too long ago but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped admiring this girl. She’s an inspiration. Whenever I start getting the feeling of dressing up, I always remember what she wrote on the first Candy Style Guide: “The person you should impress the most should always be yourself.” Kryz is more than just a style icon. She’s a true inspiration for every girl who dreams.

And this book is an account of her beautiful life behind the glamorous blog which surely teaches us the important things in our lives. She tells us what IRL really means even to a girl born with a family business to take care of, Yaya’s and drivers and the stylish perhaps, costly OOTD’s. We usually misunderstand the Chinese borns. We always have a concept in mind that they have all the luxuries in life, parents who will support and probably even spend as much as they can to get you anything you want. But in this book, Kryz tells us otherwise. And OMG, she also keeps a journal!





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