Katacheme’s Rare Gems: P-Pop

It’s very rare of me to appreciate local  music, artists and even books. For one reason: the originality is no longer there- at least that’s what I feel about the Filipino Pop Culture. But these gems are worth sharing because they are simply good.

Yeng Constantino

(c) Yeng Constantino Vector Art by DoomclouD94

This reality show winner has amazing talents. She writes songs that slams every feels in the world. Her “hugots” just strikes straight to the heart of the listener.
Favorites: Ikaw, Chinito, T.A.N.G.A, Hawak Kamay

Dahil Sa’yo – Inigo Pascual

When I first heard this song, my initial reaction was “too western-y”. But this kid put a personality to the song that makes ma feel so kilig whenever and where ever I hear the song. And not to mention he actually composed and arranged the song. Very talented kid just like his Dad!

Arjo Atayde

(c) ABS-CBN Lifestyle

New crush alert! This 26-year old actor is the most impressive and effective local actor I’ve seen in my entire fan girling life. I first saw him on the longest running TV series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as the villain Joaquin Tuazon. Admittedly, I seemed to have my eyes on him because of his good bad-boy looks. After he portrayed Rocky Gathercole in MMK recently, I went down on my knees- and I literally did, and plead God for this dude to notice me! I rarely appreciate local actors but you can add him to  my list of talent and looks.

Wild Flower

(c) TFC

Okay, this is the main reason I like my early work shift because this show does not start until 6PM. And going home at exactly 4PM is highly important than a post-shift huddle with my Manager. It is such a good  TV series. The characters and the story build up every day. It’s like I’m watching a good novel.

Add-ons: Celeb crushes worth swooning over:


Joseph Marco, Ian Veneracion and JC Santos

Jam 88.3
A radio station to tune in everyday. They don’t have the usual. They only have cool, coachella, jamming vibe. Plus, they play Pinoy Indie music that worth listening to. Not to mention I have a crush on Jobim Javier. 😉



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