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Where is Michelle!?

Who is Michelle?

Michelle Phan is a beauty guru who took youtube and social media by storm. She started blogging in Xanga and in 2007 started her make up tutorials in youtube, getting millions of views. She’s the girl who inspires  women of different colors, race and age. The girl who inspires me a lot.

I started watching her youtube videos late 2008 and followed her every social media accounts and her exciting journey in achieving her dreams.

In late 2015, I’ve seldom heard of her. Her youtube videos have not been as frequent as she used to upload. Her blog was not up-to-date and both her Instagram and Twitter have been a little quiet- very unlikely of her. I was worried that she was becoming so busy with building her own company that she’s loosing some time for social media. And then, everything just went white late 2016. I would check her IG and twitter but nothing seems to be updated. I was so concerned, I must admit. Where the heck did she go? Why?

Well, late June this year, I googled her whereabouts. Yes, I literally asked “Where is Michelle Phan!?” and the very google of google, I saw a couple of articles about her recent comeback. My question was answered!

She had gone Digital detox. She was so depressed that she just packed up and left without a single word. She traveled around, connected with nature, herself and came back with a newer version of not only herself but voila, em!

Some articles confirmed that the depression was caused by the fall of em cosmetics. The collaboration with L’Oreal didn’t go quiet well. I must say, yes, it was a fail. I’ve watched and read bad reviews about the products since it first launched. Her resources were very limited resulting for the brand not to succeed.

A year long hiatus was worth it. Em Cosmetics was reborn with new line of Lipstick (aka Lip Cloud) and Eyeliner (aka Illustrative Eyeliner). And yes, she’s relaunched it the Michelle way. Why not? She owns it now!

Knowing her as a passionate beauty guru and artist, a dream chaser and achiever, this comeback is definitely going to be great!

So to Michelle, you go girl! Own it! I, among all your followers are here to support you. We believe in you and we look forward in seeing more of you. You don’t have to go back to uploading videos. Reading your blog alone is already inspiring. xoxo


News Source: Teen Vogue



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