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Girl on the go: What’s in my beauty loot?

My everyday bag consists of the basics. You can say I’m a minimalist. Either that or I’m just too lazy to pile up make up and stock up more stuff in my bag.

Hand Sanitizer– You would agree that our hands are the most exposed to germs and a good sanitizer is a must. Beauty is hygiene!

Body lotion – Despite of my skin type and the weather in the country, I am also prone to dry skin specifically on the knee and elbow areas. The contents of this cutie is just a refill. This is originally a Body Shop hand cream, a gift from a former Korean student.

Lily’s Touch Lip and Cheek tint – I got this from an office friend and I love it! It blends well on my skin making my blush look natural and protects my lips from the harmful UV rays because of the SPF content. It’s also anti-aging AND organic! What’s not to love about this baby?

Perfume: Paints in Purple by Penshoppe– I love this scent so much I just can’t change perfumes. It reminds of my good old expensive D&G Light Blue which I can no longer afford.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Mints– Hygiene is a must. So my bag will always include this group everywhere I go because we’ll never know when we will have to clean up to prepare for that killer smile. lol!

Comb & Hair tie– I don’t usually comb my hair but I always have a comb and an extra tie just in case I need my strands to behave.

Hair Serum – My hair is frizzy and it’s crazy! A serum helps my waves settle down when needed. A good serum doesn’t only help you calm the frizz down but will also protect them from direct sunlight to prevent further damage.

What’s in your “kikay kit“?



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