K.Will’s Nonfiction broke my heart

The 1st part of his 4th album was dropped on September 26 entitled “Nonfiction”. This Ballad album consists of 7 tracks and an instrumental version of Nonfiction as an extra track.

When he first teased about the album, I was really thrilled. This is a comeback album since The 3rd Album Part 2 release in 2013. My initial guess about the album with the title was it’s going to be a tale of a human’s real feelings with lyrics that don’t use much of a metaphor. And I think it really is.

Nonfiction is a song about regret and suffering from a sad break up. The MV tells the meaning of the song through a well-directed film; add K.Will’s amazing vocals and there goes my heart being pinched making me feel the pain. And it’s no joke if I tell you I shed a few drops of tears even before I checked the English translation!

The whole track list suggests a story about someone trying to move on from a heartbreak.

안녕 가을 [ Goodbye Fall]
Lyrics: The Name, Min Yeon Jae
Composer: The Name, Megatone
Arranged by Megatone

실화 [Nonfiction] (Title Track)
Lyrics: The Name, Min Yeon Jae
Composer: Chans Line
Arranged by Chans Line

미필적 고의 [Willful Negligence] (feat. Soyu) – Instant Favorite!
Lyrics: Seo Ji Eum
Composer: Primary, 1 of 1, Lee Dong Woo
Arranged by Primary

서성거려[ Hover7]
Lyrics: O.V, Lee Ga Eun
Composer: O.V, Lee Ga Eun
Arranged by O.V, Klozer

Fall in Love
Lyrics: K.Will, Brothers
Composer: K.Will, Baek Hyun Soo
Arranged by Baek Hyun Soo

흩어져 간다  [Fading Away]
Written, Composed, & Arranged by Ahn Young Min

Here I Am
Written & Composed by The Name, Choi Sung Il
Arranged by Choi Sung Il

Also, this special clip got me screaming.

Nonfiction is now available on Spotify and iTunes. The CD (with an awesome cover) is also now available for purchase. Click here.

Oppa has also announced his official SNS accounts which means he’s now everywhere! 🙂
Instagram: @kwill_official
Twitter: @kwill_twt
Facebook: @officialkwill
Official Fansite: www.cafe.daum.net/Hyungknight
Weibo: www.weibo.com/kwill1230
Youtube: Starship Channel


*Featured image from K.Will’s IG



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