What about Nat? What about it?

What about Nat” is an unpretentious blog which speaks the real personality of the author. It is a blog where you could find interesting pieces about an average girl’s life and her shenanigans (i.e. her #mermaidLife vs #shokoyLife).

Nat is a friend of mine and it’s been ages since I last talked to her. She’s been on and off the social media too which is why I was surprised to find her blog. Reading her posts is like talking to her in person. I swear, the way she’d written her posts is the same way she’d talk in person! Her humor is in every corner of the site. (Ug nag dot com dot com na gyud ang vega, hahaha!)

The blog is unpretentious just like her and unlike my own page. Perhaps because she’s out here to simply share her life and have fun while I’m here to achieve my childhood dream.

Every blogger has his own reason for being out here and the real intention of one will show on the contents and the way they’re written. I can say I’m here to have fun- that’s a lie. Having fun is the side effect. I’m here because I want to write and I hope to inspire others by my mess and adventures.

Reading Nat’s blog though made me think about keeping things at #chilllevel. I’ve been so desperate about writing for the sake of updating the blog and eventually coming up with nothing. I need to loosen up. Think again about why I’ve started blogging and hopefully, inspirations will pop up all over the place.

Check her out. But be warned that she uses both her mother tongue (Bisaya) and English to write. You might need a good translator if you don’t speak the language.


P.S. I am yet to convince the betch to write for my blog.


*Featured photo from NAT’s IG



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