New Year’s Resolution: Be gone

This note always brings me tears.

In 2015 I’ve got everything planned. I was willing to give up my high paying job and earn lesser in a different industry doing a totally different thing. I was taking risks- little by little and it felt good. Really good that I thought I was ready to take a bigger step. Everything was clear and simple: take a leap.  That’s all. But things have suddenly taken a U-turn somewhere when I’ve realized that I couldn’t continue my trial and errors just yet. And that’s when things got messier and messier by the day. Nights have been spent in deep frustration and regret. I was in the middle of nowhere- trap in between my dreams and my responsibilities.

I turned 26 without even noticing and only seem to have waken up while preparing for my 2018 journal. I’m turning 27 this coming year. Three more years before I retire from messing around. Three years that must be spent in catching dreams. Three more years before I get even more remorseful.

My time is getting shorter and the road to my dreams is getting longer. I couldn’t spend more time walking in the same old circle. I wish to find courage to drop things off and take risks before it’s too late.

To runaway. Be gone. To die and be reborn in a different life.

At least, that’s the plan.



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