OOR MNL: A Journey to Ambitions (A ONE OK ROCK Live Hanash)

I’m still emotional because I never thought I will eventually buy a ticket. My 13th month pay had just slide during the Christmas season and I’m a terrible saver. But thanks to the Philippine holidays when I had to work, I’m finally going to a concert this year!

I’m not as a huge fan as everyone else but I like ONE OK ROCK’s music. I’ve decided to ditch my excuses and bought the ticket for a couple of reasons:

  • It is seldom for a Japanese artist to come back or perform even once in the country. In fact, they’re the 2nd band I know and heard.
  • It’s hyde’s birthday on the concert day! And here’s wishing that this 2nd visit will open the doors to more Japanese artists to visit the Philippines (still praying for #LArcMNL to happen). And more importantly,
  • ONE OK ROCK is one of those bands that one must see live! Their songs are on-point. I was so impressed when I first heard the latest album: Ambitions. I usually just pick random songs I’ve already heard before- the one’s recommended by friends or used in the Rorouni Kenshin movie.

While everyone else are listing down their reasons they couldn’t see the band this year, I’ve crossed everything and included the concert in my monthly budget.

I’m so excited to write my first ever Live Report! πŸ™‚

See:Β ONE OK ROCK to go back to Manila for The Ambitions World TourΒ 2018


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