Don’t tell Mama I was in Marinduque

#donttellmamatrip was my official hashtag for this trip for one main reason, as it suggests: I did not tell Mom about this trip until a few days later when she saw my posts.

Sunrise in the Island

This was a package tour with other joiners via Lost and Found Travel PH. This was the first time for me, Pau and JP to join a tour as we normally go DIY. It was a 2-day and 1-night itinerary in Maniwaya Island.

Welcome to Maniwaya!

Located in Southwestern Tagalog Region, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque is now becoming a travel destination for both locals and tourists alike. If you think about it, it’s just another island.

We left from Manila around 12MN and arrived in the province of Quezon at around 6AM. From there, we took an hour or so boat ride to Maniwaya Island. We checked in at Wawie’s Beach Resort. And if you’re thinking about some fancy accommodation, please, no. Or let me describe it to you.

They have both non and with air-condition cottages for rent (pricing is something I didn’t find out because we paid for the entire trip prior).  But this trip allowed us to experience an island-camping feeling so we slept in a tent. This isn’t your “IGable” Glamping but good enough to be able to get some rest.

Wawie’s Beach Resort

The following are part of the P2,500 deal we paid for:

  • Accommodation: Tent (up to 3-4 people)
  • Meals at the resort (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Island tour
  • Transportation from Manila to Marinduque and vice versa


Island Itinerary:
* note: in the original itinerary we have a couple of islands/destinations to visit but we only had 2 due to time constraints.

Day1: Ungab Rock Formation, Mongpong Island


We arrived in our resort at midday. We took a rest after we got our tents and had our lunch before heading to Mongpong Island at 2PM.

Getting to Mongpong was quiet an adventure-a scary one if I may. It started drizzling and then the waves started to freak the hell out of us. I thought it’s about the weather so I was already starting to eye the safest exit in case the boatman stirred the wrong way. Later did I realize we were travelling in open water where wind blows like crazy.

As weird as it may sound, waves give me a calming effect until that time when our boat started to jump up and down the deep, dark blue ocean… It was scary! I was so nervous passing by that way again and I wish there’s another way but there’s none.

Arriving in Mongpong, I looked at the rock formation. It stands at the end of the island. It’s near the residential area. It’s just like our own Nabunglayan Rock back home except that ours is about 100 meters or more away from land.

Was it the same with Nabunglayan Rock? Or the one in Mapanas? Neither. And I was less impressed when I saw it. There’s probably more on the other side of the rocks but I didn’t dare inspect the entire place because the Bathophobia me was already present after that bumpy ride.

After dinner we had a few bottles of brandy. And yes, I had a couple of shots again after a long time of denying brandy in my life. This time was so difficult to resist. The mixed drink was so delicious I couldn’t help but gulp the shots in! I’ll tell you the secret: 1 liter of Empirador Lights + 1 litro pack of Iced Tea + some Calamansi or 1 litro pack of Pomelo juice. Thanks to our bartender new found friend whose name I don’t know.

Electricity in this part of the world is very limited but the resort owns a generator to provide electricity until 10PM.  Water for bathing is quiet enough but I wouldn’t say it’s not limited because getting all the necessities into this island is a challenge. So I would really advise not to waste so much water.

Day 2: Palad Sandbar, Maniwaya Island


This is lit! A sandbar in the middle of the ocean km’s away from Maniwaya Island. That part is undeniably amazing! I’ve seen the Kalanggaman Sandbar in person and it’s far more impressive than this one here. According to our boatman, it used to be longer but for some reasons it doesn’t stretch longer anymore even on low tides. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the sandbar and the water. I was so amazed at how clear and clean the water is.

If you’re looking for white sands, crystal clear and clean waters, and legit island feels, Sta. Cruz Marinduque is your travel destination. And when I say: “it’s just another island”, I mean, it’s an island you should check out!



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