This month’s journal prompt list is complete. Can you believe it? It’s already the 2nd week of the month and I’ve just found the time to write down the things I want to write for this month.

I’ve been experiencing not the effin’ Writer’s Block but fatigue for the past few weeks. In fact, the whole month of June was so boring I was willing to dump the idea of continuing with my journal for the rest of the year and at the same time delete this blog (like clicking on that “delete blog” button)! But I realized, I don’t want that to happen.

Keeping a journal is a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It keeps me sane- quiet literally. This year I wanted to keep on journaling just like the previous years. But I want it to be different from the old ones. I’ve been mixing the traditional journaling and Bullet journaling (sometimes throwing in Kawaii journaling from time to time) since the start of the year and I’ve been pretty satisfied about it. It keeps me organized, helps me remember events more and keeping my senses tact- tearing me away from the other world I would sometimes create but would never write about it (because I’m such a horrible writer).

This month I want to focus on just simply writing my thoughts away. I have a lot of things going on in my head which includes stress, anxiety and oh well, fangirling –all these mixing in my blender (head) giving me a glass full of tasteless smoothie. That said, I want to focus on prompts that will help me write my thoughts away, manage stress and eventually keep me away from depression and at the same time disconnect from that other world.

Here’s hoping it’ll be a success.