Joel Minas is a 20-something Figure Skating Coach and an IT Consultant. In his early years, he was an athlete competing both local and international. He brought home numerous medals including 30 golds all throughout his competitive career from 2002 to 2010. He retired (in the competition scene) at an early age to focus on his studies. If you wanna be in depth, please read here.

Previously, I talked about 5 reasons I’ve swoon over Olympic Gold medalist: Yuzuru Hanyu. And here, I bring you 5 reasons (too) I fell for Joel Minas who became known to the world for his Yuri!!! On Ice vids especially his cover of Eros.

Well, just a quick look back: I came to know about Joel when a friend of mine posted stuff about the 2nd YOICON PH earlier this year. I honestly don’t like Yuri (though I admire him somehow but mostly dislike him. lol!) so when I’ve seen pictures of Joel cosplaying Yuri Katsuki I was just like “Hmmmkay“. But who would have thought that from “Hmmmkay” I’ll never be able to get rid of his face from my head? And so, viola, welcome to the list! 😉


Source: yoiconph.com

Oh yeah, let’s put this on the top of the list. #prioritiesbeshies Hahaha! When I first saw the pictures I thought he’s a girl cosplaying a boy character. Imagine my surprise when I found out he’s a boy! When I started watching his YouTube videos and stalked- este followed him on social media, I’ve observed (and my colleagues have agreed to this) he’s a cutie with or without make up. Helleer per, eng kyet-kyet mer per! 😘

Please ready the tisyu, mga baks!

“It was the reality kicking in, me thinking about my future as a skater. Will I get that far, really? What will be my career after my competitive season? It was the reality kicking in, me thinking long term.” 

He said in his interview with YOICON PH and it literally brought me to tears and this is my most favorite part of the article which is why I didn’t cut the quote. He never mentioned if there was any pressure from the ‘rents but it looks like he actually came up with that decision on his own- his parents have always been supportive and I wish my parents have been the same. Oh well, moving on…

This isn’t your ordinary, stubborn dream and goal achiever, folks! And look where he’s at now: balancing a career in the IT industry while doing what he really loves the most; skating. I really need the tisyu now! sniff


Source: joelminas.com

Not that he’s confirmed his preferences which we don’t give a hoot, tbh but I really admire how he’d do those beauty-related videos. Only a few men would get out there and share skin care tips for the male species -and I always admire those fellows. Because dude, skin care isn’t only for women! It adds pogi points, bruhh! And who has seen the Yuri Make up video? The Victor side comment made me pregnant! squeal

P.S. If he says he’s a heterosexual, I’ll be heartbroken. 💔 Cheret! :))


Here goes my sub-list of some more favorite parts of the interview because it inspired me too:

  •  You can pick it up at any age, just keep going…” 


  • Just do it. Skating is for anyone who has the passion to do it, who really, really wants it… it’s just a matter of you and your relationship with the sport. If you like what you’re doing and you love the sport, that wouldn’t matter.”


  • “What made me fall in love with the sport [was] proving to yourself that you can do it, just by training and wanting to do it.”

In two or more of his videos he also talked some motivation for those who doubt their abilities to skate. He also created a series called “Learn To Skate” where he talks about and shows the basics of ice skating which by the way I can only learn if I get a coach- and this alone saves us some money. Though it’s still best to have a professional with you when you’re going to actually skate because it saves your ass from too much body pains later (and possibly a more serious accident). I can say, these videos have helped me “locate” the courage that I’ve been looking for since that incident 19 years ago!
*Disclaimer: I am yet to test this newly found courage next week. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. 😉

And lastly (but definitely not the least),



I’ll be talking more about my other faves soon now that the new season is just around the corner. So stay tuned! God, I don’t remember being this enthusiastic about sports…ever! 🤣🤣🤣

BTW, you can stalk Joel at SM…. este, check him out on the following accounts:
Site | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


Featured Image: yoiconph.com


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