Happy 5th Birthday, katacheme!


Five years ago today, I’ve decided to reorganize my blog and turn 2 separate blogs to one. As you may not know, I’ve been blogging in WordPress since 2011 and being here for years has taught me a lot of things.

First and the most I’m grateful for isΒ I’ve opened more windows not just to strangers who I feel safer with but also (partly) to my family and friends. Blogging has made me more honest about my feelings.

Second, my writing style has definitely evolved. Both my old blogs: Mushy Kitty and Random Venus are still open ( no matter how embarrassing most of the posts are) because I love reading my previous works and see how much growth I’ve had since I’ve decided to become a blogger.

And lastly, I have met and still meeting a lot of people from different places and connect with them in so many things.Β  Whenever my friends would scold about me reading too much books, I always thought to myself it’s not just those books that turned me like this, it’s also these blogs; these posts; these bloggers that made me into the clever girl I am. πŸ™‚

For these 300-something subscribers, A HUMONGOUS THANK YOU! And I hope you’re getting something from my rants. πŸ˜€