10 THINGS – Part 3

Hoarded sites and stuff.

1. If someone says you’re too old to figure skate, THAT’S A MAJOR LIE! Adult Figure Skating exists!

Source: issu.org

“An International Adult Figure Skating Competition takes place every year in Oberstdorf (GER) and Vancouver (CAN). The competition is for adult skaters who have reached at least the age of twenty eights (28) and Synchronized skaters at least the age of twenty five (25) before July 1st preceding the event but have not reached the age of seventy eight (78) before July 1st preceding the competition.”

2. This Japanese Vinyl Shop for your treasures!
snow records

(Found via google ads)

3. Looking for helpful and fun articles to read? Check out Grammar Check -and you can also have your grammar and spelling checked for free. 😉

grammar check

4. Book2Wheel

Somewhere in the country for a trip and the mode of transportation is more horrifying than a hassle? Oh boy, let’s not even mention how hell the traffic is here in Manila. But this site will offer you a ride that’s cool and convenient. Quoting ‘em: “ In simple, words it’s Airbnb for bikes and motorbikes or anything else that has 2 wheels. ”
If you’ve heard about rent a car, this is your rent a bike which sounds better and cooler than “angkas“.

5. The latest and revised version of the Four Tendency Quiz.

On the old version, I was an Obliger which really surprised me. And now, I’m a Rebel– and I’m not shocked at all. Hahaha!

6. A moment of silence for these different flavors of Coca-cola in Japan.

Source: Japan Info

Full story: http://jpninfo.com/31143

7. This meme-worthy 30th SEA GAMES (initial) logo that received a lot of criticism because WHY NOT?

Source: wikipedia

8. Oh, this is the best museum ever!

Visit www.presidentialpetmuseum.com.

9. How will aerosols turn the world?

Source: NASA/Joshua Stevens/Adam Voiland

Full story: www.engadget.com.

10. Love Kawaii Journaling? You might love this site and its community.

Source: kawaiijournaling.com