10 Things -Part 13

1. Relic of St. Valentine in the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome.


2. My all-time favorite Valentine’s day read:Too Much Heaven by Regina Starr

3. Fun-ny way to learn Eng-lish with Merriam Webster’s new episodes with Finnish comedian: Ismo.

4. Interesting reads during the Chinese New Year.

5. Listen to Melissa Polinar

I knew about Melissa sometime last year while browsing on Spotify and I was hooked by her cool, relaxing voice and her beautiful, inspiring songs.

6. Let’s stop and look at these beautiful arts.

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7. Different levels of “feels” during Valentine’s day for Japanese pips. I just hope we have the same tradition in the Philippines. But I think we’re slowly getting there with all these obligatory gifts to co-workers, superiors or teachers, especially when they’re single. Oops!


8. Add some excitement everywhere by wearing these FUNties!


9. Newfound website: The Mighty

10. One of the top fave Podcast episode from Gretchen Rubin.

Podcast 191: Identify Your Pacesetter, Write a User’s Guide to Yourself, and How to Cut Back on the Nightly Wine-Drinking Habit.