Monthly Reads: September

Books are still from the office’s mini-Library. Good finds! Good finds! 😀

[MANGA] Poppy’s Wish (One-shot, Sci-Fi) by Posuka Demizu and Kaiu Shirai

Summary: Poppy is a toaster with learning abilities. His creator is a shut-in scientist. Poppy has a dream that will change the way of living that he and his creator have.

That was short and heartwarming. I wish they’ll continue the story.

The BFG by Roald Dahl — I is finally read this book! It is a Whoopsy-splunkers, Phizz-Whizzing book! Right or left?

The way Mr. Dahl have painted the story with words is just great! I’ve only seen little parts of the film and I didn’t know that The BFG is actually a funny man. His “langwitch” made me go “wut?” but his intelligence blew my mind away. I should probably read Dahl’s Chickens – I mean, Charles Dickens. It might help me gain more intelligence.

Notes of a Frigid Dormer & Other Stories by Natasha B. Vizcarra — This book is a collection of many short funny, warm and weird (?) stories of a normal girl living a normal life. It brought me back such good childhood memories when I was in still living back and forth a city (where I studied) and my hometown. This book also inspired me to write a few short stories which I’ve no plans of publishing just yet. 😉