30x-Y’s on BTS

Now, I seriously am not sure why I’m suddenly doing this blog series. Oh well…

ys bts
BTS photo src: Hollywood Reporter

So, okay. Who the heck is BTS?

Whoever doesn’t know or have never heard of the KPop Boy Band named BTS is missing something big in their lives. Nah, just kidding! Oh well, partly. Lol!

Okay, so I don’t know exactly when I started liking their music. All I could remember is I’ve watched Boy with Luv on Youtube because my ARMY sister was talking a lot about it on Facebook and I got really curious because one of my friends from LArcMNL is a huge fan of BTS too.

I’ve never really watched any of their MV’s except Spring Day (which I’ve sworn to never watch again because it made me cry) and Boy with Luv (where the then blue-haired good- looking boi named V cast a spell on me). And although, I was only listening to their Japanese release of IDOL and Boy with Luv on Spotify, I was already watching random fan videos on Youtube and I think that is where I’ve started falling for these boys.

Okay, so what is this blog series about? Ah, that’s basically self-explanatory. I’m trying to defend myself from my other (JRock-partly-antimainstream) self (if you get what I mean) on why I think I (now) love these boys.

30x Y’s on BTS

  1. A song that’s currently stuck in your head
  2. First BTS Song you’ve heard
  3. Underrated song/s
  4. Favorite Japanese release
  5. A song/MV that made you emotional/sad/cry
  6. A song that reminds you of any season
  7. First favorite album
  8. Favorite song from Love Yourself Era
  9. Favorite song from HYYH Era
  10. Favorite song from Wings Era
  11. Favorite song from School Trilogy Era
  12. (Current) Most favorite MV
  13. A BTS song you want to play at your funeral
  14. A song that made you ponder about life
  15. Favorite Solo’s
  16. Favorite Rap line song
  17. Favorite Vocal line song
  18. Reveal yourself: Current BTS playlist
  19. Favorite Intro, Interlude, & Outro
  20. Ultimate Bias alert!
  21. Bias Wrecker alert!!
  22. Reveal your(Fujoshi)self: Ship/s
  23. [CHALLENGE] Write a fanfic
  24. [CHALLENGE] Describe BTS (as how you see them)
  25. [CHALLENGE] Stretch the Genre! (a full list of songs that showcases the boy’s extensive musicality)
  26. Favorite Run BTS Episode
  27. Favorite Bon Voyage Episode
  28. Favorite BTS Youtube videos
  29. Favorite BT21 Character
  30. BTS Wishlist


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