30x-Y’s on BTS: Ultimate Bias Alert!

No matter how much some people hate playing favorites most of us cannot simply ignore the fact that in a certain group, we have that one or two persons that can easily take our attention away from the others.

I don’t think there is a need for any detailed introduction about my main favorites. And I’d say, “favoriteS” because I cannot simply take one among them. Hahaha!


Kim Tae-hyung (a.k.a. V)

V doesn’t only stands for Victory. V stands for VISUALS. V’s physical attractiveness is beyond my (and any other ARMY’s) comprehension. At times, he looks like a high-paid luxury brand model who makes a simple white shirt look like a billion dollar item. There are times he looks like a walking anime character. You know that one main character we love because he’s too damn perfect inside out? And gawd, who doesn’t fall for his boxy smile?

In my previous post, I’ve mentioned that it was V’s amazing visuals that caught my eye. And it’s 110% true! That few seconds part in “Boy with Luv” when he sort of smiled was simply enchanting. His eyes are so beautiful, I get lost when I focus on them!

But wait, I’m mainly talking about his appearance which is already a given. Hahaha!

Well, his voice is my top most favorite. “Singularity” was already my favorite song from “Love Yourself: Tear” even before I knew it was his solo. When a friend who also stans V told me that it was his voice, I immediately got curious and started digging Youtube for a lot of V focused fancams. It wasn’t trust issues, fyi. Haha! It’s more about curiosity.

I really like how he can make his voice sound so calm in certain songs and intense on the others. With his distinctive vocals, any genre would actually suit him. And if you’re a regular, you know how much I love versatile artists.

His dancing skills is also one of my most favorites. I like his smooth moves. The way he makes their choreography easy to the eyes, is also unbeliBUBBLE. I’m tellin’ you, I thought I could dance to some of their songs while I was watching V only to find out the choreo were a bit challenging. Hahaha!

I love giving my idols (especially my biases) nicknames. I consider V as my son so I usually call him “Teteh” (based on his nickname: Tae-tae). I also like calling him “Bwi-bwi” (how his stage name is written in Hangul: 뷔 and a parody to the word “Baby”).

Kim Seok-jin (a.k.a. Jin)

Jin is… I don’t even know how to start. I feel too kilig I cannot put proper words on this guy.

Forty five years and tons of swear words later...

Jin honestly got me not because he’s “WWH”. His Dad Jokes did all these things to me. I was too focused on V and was eyeing Jimin and Jung-kook on my earlier days that I just skipped Jin when he’s in frame until I watched a compilation video of all his Dad Jokes.

Worldwide Handsome no matter how “dolly” he looks is one of the underrated faces of BTS. I think this is because he started out quiet shy with less confidence even if he was originally scouted because of his good looks. I think that all those hates he got really suck his confidence dry during their early years. I’m just glad those days are over, tbh. I believe he still gets the hate every day but I’m happy to see that he’s always in his best form and tries to be more confident each day. It may also be possible that since majority of the fandom are teenagers and he seemed to be quiet old for these kids’ taste that he’s a little behind V and JK or the other younger members.

Sorry, BRB. Dying by looking at this photo.
Okaaay... am fine now. ~

He can’t sing.” That was one of the comments I saw on Youtube. And no, it wasn’t a vintage comment. And I just have to say: he sure had a lot of rooms for improvement during their earlier days but he certainly can sing. Who else felt like crying (or even cried) the first time they heard “Epiphany“? Even before I got my hands on the translation, it was already an emotionally powerful song because of how he delivered it. And no, let’s not talk about his freaking ad-libs and deep backing vocals in “Dionysus“, and his vocals in “Don’t Leave Me” – just to name a few.

I’ve listened to all of their albums and I could say he’s improved so much. His vocal texture and technique has gotten better. On the other hand, Jin’s dancing skills is the 5th on my list. But don’t give me any latest live performances of “Danger” because I will die on those wide shoulders! His hard work is definitely paying off.

While Suga is the most relatable BTS member, I’ve easily acquired a lot of Jin’s habits. For example, the way he exaggeratedly reacts to anything. I already have that tendency at times. But I’ve observed that these days, I sound more like Jin when I say “Ooooh?” or “Eeeeeeeh?” I also have to mention that I have a mild Misophonia especially on eating noises that even slurps, chewing noises and utensils clattering annoy me. But when I started watching “Eat Jin” and all other compiled videos of him eating, I started to manage this disorder well. Now, I can handle these certain noises quiet well. This is what happens when you watch too many Jin videos! No medications and therapy needed. lol.

I don’t really have any nicknames for Jin. I just love calling him by his first name. But RJ, his BT21 son, is “Awjeh” or “Aw-aw” to me.

Get ready for the Bias Wrecker post. I can foresee a lot of fangirl rants since there are 5 members left and all of them are candidates as a bias wrecker. 😀

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