30x-Y’s on BTS: Favorite Underrated Songs

My list is based on the following:

1. setlist.fm‘s statistics according to the number of times the song has been performed on stage. 
2. How rarely I hear them being mentioned by an ARMY friend (or my sister), and 
3. if they’ve been played in a radio/music station in my country. 

I’ve made a playlist of all what to be considered as BTS’s underrated songs and I’ll tell you; I love listening to it because these aren’t the songs that you’d usually hear every day. 

I didn’t include “Ma City” here since I’ve already mentioned about it on my first post. But it’s definitely one of my perk-me-up BTS songs.

Here are my top 5 faves in no particular order:


Album: O!RUL8,2? | 2013

Lyrics | English Translation

Pied Piper

Album: Love Yourself: Her | 2017
To my surprise, despite the song being written about BTS’s relationship with their fans, this is rarely performed on stage. There’s also no MV of it. Although this is popular amongst ARMY because, why not?

Lyrics | English Translation


Album: Love Yourself: Tear | 2018

Lyrics | English Translation

House of Cards

Album: Hwayangyeonhwa pt.2 | 2015
50 shades of BTS, anyone? Okay, don’t give me that look. That’s basically what it felt when I first heard the song.

Lyrics | English Translation

Converse High

Album: Hwayangyeonhwa pt.1 | 2015

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