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Katacheme is a virtual hub of a weird late-bloomer who loves to share her interests, experiences, dreams and her life in general.


The Author

Kat Acebuche is a 20-ish girl who sometimes acts like a boy and most of the times behaves like an eight-year old. She’s weird in most aspects: doesn’t speak too much in person but always has a lot to say when writing. She dances and sings alone. Talks to herself 95% of her entire day and is always in a deep-deep daydreaming.

She has a certain addiction to books, pens and paper, Hello Kitty, the South Korean and Japanese pop culture (Japanese most specially). She also loves coffee and anything blueberry. Likes flowers, movies, chocolates and gummy bears.

She’s an island girl who loves the nature but is afraid of the deep waters and cannot swim and could not go on a mountain climbing because she’s asthmatic. Oh, poor thing! Her ideal life is growing old in a house at the edge of a cliff facing the beach.

Most of the times she’s confused between love and infatuation. And yes, it is necessary to mention that she’s single but emotionally taken. Demmit!

She’s currently in a search for the soul of her writing (a.k.a. style), developing other hobbies, discovering more wonders and learning more about grammar (because she needs it for survival, lol).

Stalk her at:
Twitter: @katache_me
Facebook: katacheme
Instagram: @katacheme
Email: katache.me04@gmail.com

Blog Map:
Travel & Leisure: Trips, events and adventures.
Beauty & Style: Virtual public Lookbook, Health and Beauty try outs.
Entertainment: Mostly “fangirling” (i.e. music, artists, celebrities, anything related)
Diary: Real life experiences worth the blog (I think)
Writing Attempts:  Prompts I seem to lazy about
Gallery: Snap shots

Texts, images, videos and other contents are owned by the author unless specified.

Terms of use:
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  1. Hello. 🙂 I’ve read some of your posts and I really found them interesting. 🙂
    I look forward to reading more posts from you. Keep blogging! Love & blessings.



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