On Susan’s Death

Goodbye, Susan! Thank you for leaving us with all these wonderful stories on your blog. Rest in Peace, dear Susan!

The Death Project

Susan Jeanne Briscoe
November 13, 1966 – August 31, 2018

It is with great sorrow that we announce the death of Susan on Friday, August 31, 2018 in Montreal at the Montreal University Health Centre (Glen) palliative ward. Her sons, Oliver and Nathan, and her beloved partner, Roy Cross, were by her side. Susan also leaves to mourn her parents Bob and Raye Briscoe, sisters Lorraine and Tracey, brother Rob, nine nieces and nephews, and numerous dear friends.

Susan was born and raised in Montreal. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at McGill University, Susan moved to Vancouver and worked at a women’s shelter before returning home to Montreal, where her sons were born. Susan’s greatest joy in life were her two sons: Oliver and Nathan. She moved from Montreal to Sutton when her boys were young to give them freedom to roam, explore, and blossom. She…

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Happy 5th Birthday, katacheme!

Five years ago today, I've decided to reorganize my blog and turn 2 separate blogs to one. As you may not know, I've been blogging in WordPress since 2011 and being here for years has taught me a lot of things. First and the most I'm grateful for is I've opened more windows not just to… Continue reading Happy 5th Birthday, katacheme!


Happy International Friendship Day!

A friend is someone who annoys you but you still love her because she's just as annoying as you are. A friend is someone who does the weirdest stuff with you without questions. A friend is someone whom you can spend an entire day never saying a word but still walk away feeling like it's… Continue reading Happy International Friendship Day!


18 of 2018: WHY NOT!?

For their 149th podcast episode, best-selling author Gretchen Rubin and sister Elizabeth Craft listed 18 things they want to accomplish this year. It's interesting so I have listed mine and am posting it online just because. Lol! Although I've started this list in the 2nd quarter of the year, I still hope I'd be able to accomplish at least 15 of them. Some of the items are already quiet impossible to do this year (for some reasons) but I want to give it a shot and if I failed, I'd like to push for it next year.



I've been experiencing not the effin' Writer's Block but fatigue for the past few weeks. In fact, the whole month of June was so boring I was willing to dump the idea of continuing with my journal for the rest of the year and at the same time delete this blog (like clicking on that "delete blog" button)! But I realized, I don't want that to happen. 


#OORFEELS: A ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Live Manila Hangover

It's the 2nd day of my immortal (a.k.a lutang) day.  The concert has ended since Monday night  and I haven't been sleeping well since then. Bits and pieces of the concert keeps on running in my head. And no matter how much I dislike "American Girls", I seem to find myself humming to the tune and… Continue reading #OORFEELS: A ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Live Manila Hangover


Bookworm: Always Guilty. Sometimes Annoyed

I read a lot. And some people often mistakenly take me as a highly intellect biatch because I read various kinds of reading materials. While in reality,  my brain cells malfunction from time to time; I look at numbers like Chinese characters; I say stupid things; my English and even my Tagalog aren't perfect. I… Continue reading Bookworm: Always Guilty. Sometimes Annoyed