5 Obvious reasons I’ve swoon over Yuzuru Hanyu

Who is Yuzuru Hanyu? Wait, really? JK. I had the same question though when I first saw his name popped up in my twitter feed few weeks ago. The hashtag was related to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and I didn't intend to check it out until I saw a video uploaded on Facebook. Hanyu,... Continue Reading →


#OORFEELS: A ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Live Manila Hanash

The lights went down. The stage was dark and in a fraction of second after hearing the first boom of the drum, I saw Taka running on the stage.

K.Will’s Nonfiction broke my heart

The 1st part of his 4th album was dropped on September 26 entitled "Nonfiction". This Ballad album consists of 7 tracks and an instrumental version of Nonfiction as an extra track. When he first teased about the album, I was really thrilled. This is a comeback album since The 3rd Album Part 2 release in... Continue Reading →

Katacheme’s Rare Gems: P-Pop

It's very rare of me to appreciate local  music, artists and even books. For one reason: the originality is no longer there- at least that's what I feel about the Filipino Pop Culture. But these gems are worth sharing because they are simply good. Yeng Constantino This reality show winner has amazing talents. She writes... Continue Reading →

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