4 Things I’ve Learned from Amo Gani

Amo Gani. The person I remember whenever I hear South Border singing to Rainbow. He's a good friend, a big brother who loves arts, music, his family and his friends.  He was amazing and unforgettable. He was too young but that was God's plan- I guess. I am still haunted by his death in 2003... Continue Reading →


Hey You! (A Rewrite)

I was your best fantasy. Meeting you was far from reality. You were so fine, a gentleman and you in front of me sums up all the lies (like KDrama). (At that time) I was the most beautiful girl (At that time) I used to excite you everyday (At that time) You would touch me... Continue Reading →

Fight For My Life

Blurry, my eyes are full with tears I can't seem to move a single muscle The roots in my feet is growing longer Deeper without slowing My heart says run My mind agrees But my body stays Darker as the days pass No signs of light No signs of life I am breathing But I... Continue Reading →

Things I exaggeratedly cannot live without

Addiction is defined as "a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences."* Every individual human being suffers from this so-called common disorder. And I am not exaggerating if I say we will die without them because just like oxygen, we live and breathe with them. In my case, I have a... Continue Reading →

You are not required to like me back

Just because my heart beats faster for you doesn't mean yours should do the same. Just because I like you this much doesn't mean you have to think about me being your type. You don't have to be too sweet just to let me know you appreciate the special feelings I have for you. Your... Continue Reading →

Denial 2

No, I am not thinking about you. Nor I smile when I see you. No, I don't hear my heart screaming your name. Yes, I am just fooling around. Pun intended. I'm supposed to laugh at this insanity.


I get lost in space when I meet your eyes. I transcend to a different world when I hear your voice. My heart pounds harder at the mention of your name. I get anxiety attacks whenever you touch me sweetly. This needs to stop NOW. These were all just a joke - And I couldn't... Continue Reading →

I can’t stand me!

Shoot a video of me? You can shoot me instead! The DailyPost I have discovered vlogging around 2009 during our thesis period. I am used to hosting school events thus; public speaking is not a major problem to me. However, no matter how confident I was in speaking, I have felt that I needed to... Continue Reading →

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