Girl on the go: What’s in my beauty loot?

My everyday bag consists of the basics. You can say I'm a minimalist. Either that or I'm just too lazy to pile up make up and stock up more stuff in my bag. 


Where is Michelle!?

Who is Michelle? Michelle Phan is a beauty guru who took youtube and social media by storm. She started blogging in Xanga and in 2007 started her make up tutorials in youtube, getting millions of views. She's the girl who inspires  women of different colors, race and age. The girl who inspires me a lot.... Continue Reading →

Behind The Blog by Kryz Uy

She's one of the most stylish girls I follow. She's the main reason I moved my blog to WordPress and started (probably) making sense on my posts. Reading and discovering what kind of person she is behind the stylish clothes and the heart-worthy blog made me realize that everyone else struggled the same struggles I have... Continue Reading →

OSPW Diary Update: Endless Battles + New Gears

I've been doing the same routine with additional products (and a few changes too) for quite a while now. Controlling oil for an OSPW like me is a lifetime battle, so far, I’m happy with the results. So here’s an update about my endless battle for a healthy and glowing skin. Remember, the most effective brands... Continue Reading →

(My) How to De-Stress

Stress: The word itself is already nerve-racking that even by thinking about it may cause panic. Thus, thinking about stress is not advisable. Where I learned this stuff? I don’t even know! Probably, the series of upsetting events have. After watching a couple of youtube videos, reading articles about stress, looking for bloggers who talks... Continue Reading →

4 u 2

Short hair, don’t care! 🙂 Yep. But it’s not just because of the hot weather that gave me an idea to cut my hair, but because I just feel like doing it. Am getting tired and frustrated with my hair so I’ve finally decided to give it a cut. I was not comfortable of having... Continue Reading →


Suuuuuuuuumer! Finally, the cold nights have been replaced with warmer ones. Not that I hate cold nights, I just love the thought AND the fact that it’s already summer in the country! I can hear Olaf singing in the background. And so, I thought of sharing some of my summer favorites-slash-must haves for the sake... Continue Reading →

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