What about Nat? What about it?

Reading Nat’s blog though made me think about keeping things at #chilllevel. I’ve been so desperate about writing for the sake of updating the blog and eventually coming up with nothing. I need to loosen up. Think again about why I’ve started blogging and hopefully, inspirations will pop up all over the place.



I am terrible in keeping challenges. I hardly finish anything in 30 days. New habits are always easier to forget. Early this year, I’ve started a project that was supposed to run the entire year and lo and behold, I didn’t even let the first quarter end before I gave it up. If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll notice that the extra link I’ve added in February is already gone without a trace.

I could have held your hand

He touched the back of my hand lightly as I sit next to him. I didn’t know and still don’t know what the gesture was for. All I could recall was the panic I felt when I felt his hand, the pumping of blood through my veins, the thumping beat of my heart and perhaps,... Continue Reading →

Where is Michelle!?

Who is Michelle? Michelle Phan is a beauty guru who took youtube and social media by storm. She started blogging in Xanga and in 2007 started her make up tutorials in youtube, getting millions of views. She's the girl who inspires  women of different colors, race and age. The girl who inspires me a lot.... Continue Reading →

Katacheme’s WordPress 2015 in review

WOW! I can't believe at these numbers! And the 835 followers? Gosh! You guys are awesome! I hope I am sharing something sensible that makes you visit, follow and read this blog. 😀 Thank you so much for all the love and support you're giving to my little hub. Here's to hoping that this year, I'll... Continue Reading →

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