Behind The Blog by Kryz Uy

She's one of the most stylish girls I follow. She's the main reason I moved my blog to WordPress and started (probably) making sense on my posts. Reading and discovering what kind of person she is behind the stylish clothes and the heart-worthy blog made me realize that everyone else struggled the same struggles I have... Continue Reading →


Dear Melody,

Today I got rejected. Not that it’s the first time, but this time is quite different from the other rejections I had. My heart was broken and not only that, it looked like tomorrow will be fuzzy. BUT because I met you, it was easier to beat the pain and move on. You’re only eleven... Continue Reading →

Dear Alex, Break na kami. Paano? Love, Catherine

Maging gaano man ka-saya at ka-sarap ang maging single, hindi biro at mas lalong hindi madali ang singlehood, lalo na kung galing kang break up o na-heartbroken ka. Matagal na akong single at minsan feeling ko, living proof ako ng SSB (Single Since Birth) at NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth). Pero minsan naman, napapa-isip ako;... Continue Reading →

The Happiness Project

#NowReading: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin Whenever asked, "what makes you happy, kath?" often than not it would take me a while to answer- or would not answer at all. The question seems to be vague for me,honestly. I personally believe that happiness is a choice and can be found in a nutshell. And... Continue Reading →

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