How I wish for time to take back to when our fingers would brush each other. I wish to stare at those adorable Asian eyes of yours.



I sat on the floor, my back against the side of the bed starring at my almost full calendar barely able to tell what I'm feeling at the moment. There's that stomach cramps which started earlier this morning but still manageable. I've been keeping a calendar very close lately in an attempt to do yet … Continue reading 06.30.17

Just watched: Faith/The Great Doctor [Korean Drama Series]

What happens when your super fangirl sister introduces you her biases? Faith or also known as the Great Doctor (which for me is more fitting to the story), is a South Korean drama aired on SBS in October 2013. The series is a mix of drama, action, romance, fantasy and historical. Famous Woodalchi Captain, Choi … Continue reading Just watched: Faith/The Great Doctor [Korean Drama Series]