OOR MNL: A Journey to Ambitions (A ONE OK ROCK Live Hanash)

While everyone else are listing down their reasons they couldn't see the band this year, I've crossed everything and included the concert in my monthly budget.


K.Will’s Nonfiction broke my heart

The 1st part of his 4th album was dropped on September 26 entitled "Nonfiction". This Ballad album consists of 7 tracks and an instrumental version of Nonfiction as an extra track. When he first teased about the album, I was really thrilled. This is a comeback album since The 3rd Album Part 2 release in... Continue Reading →

Katacheme’s Rare Gems: P-Pop

It's very rare of me to appreciate local  music, artists and even books. For one reason: the originality is no longer there- at least that's what I feel about the Filipino Pop Culture. But these gems are worth sharing because they are simply good. Yeng Constantino This reality show winner has amazing talents. She writes... Continue Reading →

Top 5 favorite anisongs

I'm not an anime Otaku- not even 0.0000001% of it. I like to watch some anime series and see the live adaptation but I don't really follow what's in and I don't geek out with them. However, I like listening to anime songs or popularly known as anisongs because they bring good vibes and give... Continue Reading →

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