Behind The Blog by Kryz Uy

She's one of the most stylish girls I follow. She's the main reason I moved my blog to WordPress and started (probably) making sense on my posts. Reading and discovering what kind of person she is behind the stylish clothes and the heart-worthy blog made me realize that everyone else struggled the same struggles I have... Continue Reading →


4 BPO wardrobe staples that normal people need to understand

The growth of the BPO industry in the Philippines is unstoppable! But despite of this growth, there still are some things that Filipinos and other non-BPO people need to understand and know about the people in the BPO industry. One of which is about "fashion" or the sense of style of these folks that somehow,... Continue Reading →

The Ninja in the Turtle me

This is just one of those days that I am free to wear the most comfortable pieces in my closet. Weekends are for casual outfits at work and that means I've gotta wear my favorite comic shirts and jeans and sneaks. I love working on a weekend. One of the reasons is this. 😀 Recently... Continue Reading →

I honestly don't know how to name this look! :)) Hype this on lookbook And hey! Hi there! Welcome to my rainbow-colored life: katacheme! That's me and my name. Yes! 😀 So anyways, first outfit post for the new blog. Still under construction though, but will still post anyways. hahaha! So what's with the new... Continue Reading →

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