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Katacheme’s Rare Gems: P-Pop

It's very rare of me to appreciate local  music, artists and even books. For one reason: the originality is no longer there- at least that's what I feel about the Filipino Pop Culture. But these gems are worth sharing because they are simply good. Yeng Constantino This reality show winner has amazing talents. She writes… Continue reading Katacheme’s Rare Gems: P-Pop

Travel & Leisure

On Love, Dolphins and Moalboal

Recently, my travels have been too personal; not the reasons but the events themselves. I've been mostly traveling with friends from the office. And the experience is always different whenever I am with them. My last week's trip to Moalboal though, made me realize I should share the experiences to connect to the world. It… Continue reading On Love, Dolphins and Moalboal

Travel & Leisure

Finding Forever in Lilo-an

“Today is all about love.” The priest began after his greetings.  The altar shimmered in the glittered gold paint that I find really magnificent. And although it is somewhat disconnected from the old architecture and unpainted walls of the church, the thought of it being the only renovated area of the place amazes me. Perfect!… Continue reading Finding Forever in Lilo-an

Travel & Leisure

In city tour: Cebu Westown Lagoon

A weekend getaway can be stressful. Beach resorts are quiet far from the main city and travelling can be exhausting. Specially going back home. Sometimes we wish there’s a place near the city where weekends can be spent without any hassle. Well, that’s now possible! I’ve been wanting to check out the place since it… Continue reading In city tour: Cebu Westown Lagoon

Fun & Entertainment

Event Report: Eiga Sai 2014

Eiga Sai just wrapped up in Cebu last August 10 with the opening –slash-closing movie: Homeland. Watched by many Japanese culture enthusiasts; I can say the event was a successful one. August 9: I had a chance to watch the movie since it was my off. I was excited to watch Like Father, Like Son.… Continue reading Event Report: Eiga Sai 2014

Writing Attempts

The Judgment of Paris: Revenge of the Princess

Prompt: Pretend Paris is a maiden and you are to change the story of Troy. Three of the great goddesses came to ask you who is the fairest of them all. Who would you choose? Seated under the huge oak tree, Paris looked afar to the mountains and thought what would it be like if… Continue reading The Judgment of Paris: Revenge of the Princess