I opened my eyes to a soft hand on my cheek. Saw a very familiar face with charming eyes. His lips so full drawing near. I closed my eyes again and felt them touching my lips lightly, sweetly.  I smiled. Good morning. He greeted me. Good morning, I replied. My heart so light, calm and... Continue Reading →


I could have held your hand

He touched the back of my hand lightly as I sit next to him. I didn’t know and still don’t know what the gesture was for. All I could recall was the panic I felt when I felt his hand, the pumping of blood through my veins, the thumping beat of my heart and perhaps,... Continue Reading →

Hey You! (A Rewrite)

I was your best fantasy. Meeting you was far from reality. You were so fine, a gentleman and you in front of me sums up all the lies (like KDrama). (At that time) I was the most beautiful girl (At that time) I used to excite you everyday (At that time) You would touch me... Continue Reading →

K.Will’s Nonfiction broke my heart

The 1st part of his 4th album was dropped on September 26 entitled "Nonfiction". This Ballad album consists of 7 tracks and an instrumental version of Nonfiction as an extra track. When he first teased about the album, I was really thrilled. This is a comeback album since The 3rd Album Part 2 release in... Continue Reading →


How I wish for time to take back to when our fingers would brush each other. I wish to stare at those adorable Asian eyes of yours.

You are not required to like me back

Just because my heart beats faster for you doesn't mean yours should do the same. Just because I like you this much doesn't mean you have to think about me being your type. You don't have to be too sweet just to let me know you appreciate the special feelings I have for you. Your... Continue Reading →


I get lost in space when I meet your eyes. I transcend to a different world when I hear your voice. My heart pounds harder at the mention of your name. I get anxiety attacks whenever you touch me sweetly. This needs to stop NOW. These were all just a joke - And I couldn't... Continue Reading →

Katacheme’s Sunshine Award

It took me ages to publish this post because of some technical issues.  But I hope everyone will not mind my oily and "pa-bebe" face. hahaha! Check out emzlee here. The Sunshine Rules: Thank the person/people who nominated you. Answer the questions from your nominators. Nominate eleven other bloggers Give them eleven questions. Have fun!... Continue Reading →

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