#OORFEELS: A ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Live Manila Hanash

The lights went down. The stage was dark and in a fraction of second after hearing the first boom of the drum, I saw Taka running on the stage.


ONE OK ROCK to go back to Manila for The Ambitions World Tour 2018

Yes, you've read it right. International Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK is going back to Manila on January 29, 2018 for a day concert at MOA Arena. Ticket selling will be on October 14, 2017 and will be available via SM Tickets. Ticket Prices: P8000 Platinum Rock Zone P6000 Gold Rock Zone P5000 Lower... Continue Reading →

Katacheme’s Rare Gems: P-Pop

It's very rare of me to appreciate local  music, artists and even books. For one reason: the originality is no longer there- at least that's what I feel about the Filipino Pop Culture. But these gems are worth sharing because they are simply good. Yeng Constantino This reality show winner has amazing talents. She writes... Continue Reading →

Meditation with Spotify

Today was my first day of a successful meditation. I planned to just sit for 10 minutes while the Nature Sound is on my ears. But here's what happened... Calming Beach sound. Ahhhh... The beauty of the beach! I've imagined myself on the sand seeing the waves hit the rocks and the shore. The noise... Continue Reading →

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