4 Things I’ve Learned from Amo Gani

Amo Gani. The person I remember whenever I hear South Border singing to Rainbow. He's a good friend, a big brother who loves arts, music, his family and his friends.  He was amazing and unforgettable. He was too young but that was God's plan- I guess. I am still haunted by his death in 2003... Continue Reading →



I opened my eyes to a soft hand on my cheek. Saw a very familiar face with charming eyes. His lips so full drawing near. I closed my eyes again and felt them touching my lips lightly, sweetly.  I smiled. Good morning. He greeted me. Good morning, I replied. My heart so light, calm and... Continue Reading →


How I wish for time to take back to when our fingers would brush each other. I wish to stare at those adorable Asian eyes of yours.

You are not required to like me back

Just because my heart beats faster for you doesn't mean yours should do the same. Just because I like you this much doesn't mean you have to think about me being your type. You don't have to be too sweet just to let me know you appreciate the special feelings I have for you. Your... Continue Reading →

Q&A: Love, Dating and Marriage

1. At what age do you want to get married? Why? I plan to tie a knot at 35. It's the time when I have probably already traveled to some places I wanted to visit, have done almost everything in my bucket list, tired of being alone and most specially mature enough to commit. 2.... Continue Reading →

The Forever (A Daydream Series Ending)

I met you and fell in love easily. We became friends until we discovered other feelings For each other. We hid behind the eyes that judged us, And went through a lot of challenges. We got married and cherished every moment. I miscarried but we had kids. They grew up as your hair turned white.... Continue Reading →

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