Romancing Luzon: Sleep and Dip in Batangas

I was struggling to keep my head up as I ride on the bus heading to Batangas City. It was five in the morning; I didn’t catch a single sleep after work. I had a few bottles of beer before I get on the Bus.  I took a nap in an almost 2 hour trip... Continue Reading →


SOUTHERN ITINERARY: Osmena Peak Trekking + Kawasan Falls Canyoning

I felt compelled to post something sensible about our Southern adventure a few weeks ago because frankly, no one from our group knows how to get to the destination. Thanks to Laagan na Cebuana's birthday post! It was our guide to reach Osmena Peak since almost a quarter of my brain is somewhere else. :))

Love on Top (Probably) 2

"Just as when you found the one who can crash the walls; that's when he's gone." I've visited Mountain View again but this time with my sisters and cousin to celebrate their birthdays  on Mom's special day. We went there early in the morning just in time for a good exercise from the main entrance to... Continue Reading →

On Love, Dolphins and Moalboal

Recently, my travels have been too personal; not the reasons but the events themselves. I've been mostly traveling with friends from the office. And the experience is always different whenever I am with them. My last week's trip to Moalboal though, made me realize I should share the experiences to connect to the world. It... Continue Reading →

In city tour: Cebu Westown Lagoon

A weekend getaway can be stressful. Beach resorts are quiet far from the main city and travelling can be exhausting. Specially going back home. Sometimes we wish there’s a place near the city where weekends can be spent without any hassle. Well, that’s now possible! I’ve been wanting to check out the place since it... Continue Reading →

Dead end

Tonight, I can take a selfie with my swollen eyes from crying. I lost the photos from the team GA, the getaway in Kalanggaman Island and the videos during the company's party. And here are some of the saved photos during the team GA in Sogod. I can only say for the second time after the... Continue Reading →

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